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celebratING the everyday magic

Little Wild Music is a little creative endeavour with a big mission: 

to celebrate the magic in every extraordinary day of childhood. 

With her debut children’s record Little Wild Lullabies, the first release from Little Wild Music, award winning songwriter Claudia Robin Gunn captures snapshots in sound of the lives of her children and their friends in Aotearoa/New Zealand. These are tales scribed in song to reflect back the unique wonder and potential and detail of their experiences.

I love you higher than the sky or the horizon
— Love You More, from Little Wild Lullabies
Claudia Robin Gunn prepares for one of her Little Wild Storynight shows.

Claudia Robin Gunn prepares for one of her Little Wild Storynight shows.

Where do the dreams go when the sleeping’s done?
— How Many Sleeps, Little Wild Lullabies


Little Wild Lullabies is a collection of indie folk ballads and lullabies as much for parents as it is for their little ones, from the award winning NZ songwriter Claudia Robin Gunn. 

Anchored in Claudia’s warm and layered vocal harmonies, these songs are amplified with inspired folk pop arrangements and orchestral sound cues designed to provoke the imagination. This is care of the wonderful Lynch family; Bruce and Andy Lynch share production credits, along with musical performances on the record along with musical collaborators Matt Short and Nathan King. 

Claudia was drawn to create this mindful and quietly exultant music firstly to survive parenthood herself (most songs were road tested at bedtime when it really counted) and also to send wishes, hope, and a gentle hug in sound to parents and caregivers in their most beautiful, yet challenging hours.  

In the three years since her self funded and award nominated children’s record was released these Little Wild songs and many new ones alike have been popping up around Facebook Live shows, school fairs, library story times, theatre Storynights, the Auckland Zoo Band Rotunda, Auckland Kiddie Limits, the Arataki Visitor Centre among the mighty Kauri and more besides.

If there’s a million books in the whole wide world, I wanna read them all
— One More Story, Little Wild Lullabies

Making My Way

Little Wild Music has a brand new single out - a collaboration between Claudia and Kath Bee. The song is called “Making My Way” and it joyously taps and tiptoes and stomps its way through an imaginary conversation between an 8 year old and a cast of native creatures. It’s sweet and sparkly and has butterflies and geckos - what more could you ask for? Listen on Spotify HERE

Little Wild Lullabies

Can you imagine what the earth looks like, to the astronauts in outer space? All blue and green and shining, not a leaf out of place
— Blue and Green, Little Wild Lullabies

a little wild life



1) free, untamed, heartfelt, impetuous, exuberant, whimsical,        mischievous, merry, starry eyed
2) of the woods, the wilderness, the great unknown