Little Wild Music goes to the library

This May, in honour of NZ Music Month and Little Wild Lullabies now being available at Auckland Libraries, I'm doing a mini tour called Little Wild Music goes to the library... I've just visited Waiheke Library for the first session with some gorgeous kids and families, and next I'll be popping up at Botany Library with my friend Chanelle for a special morning music session. Takapuna is the venue for our late night library storynight where I'll co-present with children's librarian Lisa Dam. Finally on Saturday 20th it's Pukekohe library to participate in their Library Desk Concerts series - you'll be able to catch that on facebook if you aren't in the neighbourhood.

Bring on the music and shake those cuddly toys!


Have you heard about Kiwi Kids Music yet? We are a network of Kiwi songwriters, entertainers and media who create content for our most discerning New Zealanders - the kids (and their families of course).

Music and art and performance and stories have an enormous and valuable role to play in imagining different futures. Our kids will be the stronger and wiser thanks to the songs we sing them, the stories we read, the spaces we create for them to participate and create their own narratives.

Celebrating the quirkiness, the hilarity, the peace and the energy, the sweet and sour and simply wonderful, brilliant moments that make up childhood - and reflecting it back like the mirrors in a lighthouse in a way that speaks of life grounded here in Aotearoa. This is why we do what we do.

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SIng a song and teach me to talk

Some kids are always staring at the sky!

Some kids are always staring at the sky!

I read this article a while back, which encouraged me to dig deep and keep on working on getting this project out, because as every creative knows, some days facing the big wide world just feels like too big a mountain to climb! It's much easier to hide away and write a new song...

Anyway, as Laura says in this article:

"It doesn’t really matter what you sing to a young child, just sing!"

To sum up her point quickly: attention, connectedness and patterning all add up to prepare little tiny minds for learning speech, whilst building their deepest foundations of trust, belonging and happiness to be in this world, where somebody loves them best of all... Somedays all I want to hear is my Mama sing to me too, even 39 years later!

How singing builds a strong foundation for language in babies and toddlers